Nazareth Village
A view of Nazareth, as Jesus knew it.
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A view of the Nazareth Village

“The Nazareth Jesus Knew” television series takes God’s Word to millions of people each week. Co-hosted by Pat Boone and Gary Bayer, each show is filmed in high definition at the first century Nazareth Village located in the heart of Nazareth, Israel. Through the use of reenactments, on site teachings and special interviews, the viewer steps back 2000 years to be immersed into what the listeners of the days of Jesus saw and heard. God’s word takes on a deeper understanding once it is viewed within the contextual setting of the original presentation. Our goal is to weekly bring to the viewer insights into God’s Word by helping them put on the sandals of 2000 years ago.

The Nazareth Village

The first Century Nazareth Village is a recreated village built on the last remaining farm land located in Nazareth, Israel. The combination of archeological discoveries, found on the land, with the recreated village allows the visitor to step back 2000 years in time. Nazareth Village is a feast for the senses as the visitor sees, hears, smells, touches and experiences the daily life of the first century and how the things of land and home influenced the teachings of Jesus. Thousands of visitors from over 80 countries have visited Nazareth Village since its opening in 2000. Please click on to “Visit The Nazareth Village” to learn more about this one of a kind experience.

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